Neither the startup, nor the corporate, but OUR WAY!

We combine the best of two worlds:Corporate & Startup

Successful established corporates have the assets and market know-how to build great things. Yet, they are a victim of path dependencies and core rigidities and have too much at stake to go for the risky but high potential ideas themselves.

This combined with the power of start-ups, their digital competences and agile techniques, enables many new paths – whether its future-fit diversification or big leap disruption.

Our experience shows that bringing start-ups and corporates together to foster innovation potentials sets the ground for long-lasting success.

100 Day Sprints

Fast & focused validation of ideas and scaling of unique business logics with the right amount of control & target commitment.

Disruption Specialists

Award winning know-how on disruption has made us experts of how "to corporate start-up". We just love to combine the best of both worlds.

Agility & Iteration

User-centric development requires flexibility and passion to get to the bottom of any problem … and enough creative freedom to grow highly novel solutions.

Digital Business

Today's innovation is (mostly) digital. Our implementation competence ranges from coding to business modelling and is based on years of start-up experience.

Corporate Ventures

… come at different shapes and rules! Our process allows to reintegrate ventures into organizational structures at any time. Or you let the start-up take off with a committed entrepreneurial team.

Network of Excellence

Access to knowledge and diverse perspectives: Our network of partners and innovators brings in external expertise from practice & academia. Internal employees become enabled and mobilized through open innovation.

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