… to turn challenges into opportunities!

Yesterday, the business performance of established companies was easy to predict.
Today, however, uncertainty reigns. Uncertainty in terms of technologies and demand, but also in terms of competition. Just look at how many industries have been recently reshaped by Google, Amazon, Apple or some start-up.
Tomorrow, evolutionary innovation will simply not be sufficient anymore.

It’s time for the next generation of strategic innovation!

The only way forward for companies is to become less path-dependent and more flexible in order to disrupt instead of being disrupted. At the same time, the core business and its evolutionary development may not suffer as a result. Or in other words “Stay as you are, but please reinvent yourself every day”.
This will hardly work by itself.

Pathbuilders - the IMP spin-off

Pathbuilders itself is a spin-off from Innovative Management Partner [IMP] and is the logical consequence of years of work under the sign of disruption.

As a co-innovator, IMP aligns existing business models to the future and creates new business logics for hidden champions & innovative SMEs. IMP’s co-authors of the German edition of the Innovator’s Dilemma quickly realized that ideas with disruptive potential need freedom and protection to be explored. This is where our Corporate Venture Studio comes into play.

With the unique IMP “Network of Excellence” and the accumulated market experience, we are backed by a highly innovative ecosystem of over 1570 experts from a wide range of industries and disciplines.
At the same time, our team has quite the lean start-up mindset and built up some track record of early venture creation, both in academic theory and entrepreneurial practice.

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